Community Banks: How To Improve Profits & Performance

hr analytics for community banks.pngSome community banks are using HR analytics to find links between their human resources departments and their operational and financial systems to improve performance and profits.

– As blogged by Carol Patton for Independent Banker

The Independent Banker wrote about the range of solutions HR analytics can provide community banks. Our very own Jeri George, Director of HR consulting, was interviewed and shared, “Sometimes there’s too much emphasis put on numbers, results, figures and the bottom line,” she says. “You have to pause and put back in that human component and blend those together to achieve and maximize your results.”

Regardless of whether you work at a small community bank or a large financial institution, the ability to connect the dots between the human element and the bottom line is crucial to your success. 

At Analytic Focus, we provide a wide range of analytic and consulting services for financial institutions, including community banks. Our services include HR analytics and consulting, risk management, re-underwriting, and commercial underwriting. 

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