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Analytic Focus is a data analytics consulting firm.

Our data analytics experts use financial, economic, demographic, and statistical techniques to solve complex problems in litigation and business. We are passionate for truth, innovative in thought, committed to integrity, and devoted to excellence.

We Serve


Clients rely on our perspective and view us as integral to their team.

Attorneys involve us from the beginning of their most challenging and complex cases. Litigators know that our experts provide the research, analytics, and testimony crucial to their cases.  Time and again, clients turn to us for independent evaluations using defensible statistical, econometric, financial, and business practices. Our clients use Analytic Focus in expert testimony, deposition, and trial… repeatedly.



Leaders from federal, state, and local agencies seek Analytic Focus for our understanding of policy issues and the problems that agencies face in meeting their goals.

Agency leaders know our expertise in researching policy issues that gets solid results.  They rely on our knowledge and experience to develop complex research designs to answer multifaceted questions. We combine population and economic trends to forecast possibilities – growth or decline, plenty or famine.


Executives turn to Analytic Focus to understand risk.

Decision-makers responsible for risk management seek Analytic Focus for our Due Diligence, Risk Management, Commercial Underwriting, and Quality Control services. We have the tools to evaluate a loan’s risk of default. Our team combines our quality control expertise and proprietary underwriting system to identify defects in residential mortgage loans. S&P’s and Kroll’s accreditation gives our clients well-earned confidence.



Growth-driven business leaders know Analytic Focus dives beneath the surface to discover actionable insights.

Combining industry data with macroeconomic data and regional trends, we find opportunities for growth and suggest ways to prepare for hard times.  Operational, financial, and marketing executives seek Analytic Focus for our ability to find and analyze data to deliver actionable insights and direction.  From regulatory compliance to risk management, our team of experts and analysts deliver best practices, new tools, and intriguing ways to discover value.

Service Areas


Analytic Focus Big Data

Data collection, data modeling, and data analysis experts



Analytic Focus Statistical Analysis

Independent evaluation using defensible analysis and reporting



Analytic Focus Modeling & Forecasting

Experts and tools to gain, enhance, strengthen, and leverage data



Analytic Focus Due Diligence

Residential mortgage quality control and commercial underwriting & portfolio review


Research and Analytics

We are experts in data collection, data modeling, and testing.  Our team employs advanced econometrics, demography, biostatistics, psychometric techniques, and complex sampling methods, choosing the set of tools appropriate to the problem at hand.  Whether we are collecting crucial data in a survey or audit or applying a neural network to create an artificial intelligence solution, we deliver answers to our clients’ most pressing questions.

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Expert Witness and Consulting

We provide our clients independent review and analysis, consulting, and when necessary, expert testimony crucial to provide answers in litigation.  Clients rely on our independent evaluation using defensible statistical, econometric, financial, and business practices. Measuring liability and calculating damages in complex litigation are just two of our many deliverables.  We also deliver reliable and supportable rebuttals to analyses that are technically flawed, based on faulty assumptions, or just represent the worst in junk science.

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Loan QC and Underwriting

Each of our commercial loan underwriting and residential loan quality control clients is unique. We provide a tailored analysis of loan underwriting and loan documentation based upon the specific requirements of each client. We confirm that the underlying collateral and the loan structure meet the lender’s underwriting guidelines to ascertain credit quality and minimize the risk of default. With over 250,000 loans reviewed in the RMBS area, we have the experience and the tools. Just ask S&P and Kroll!

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Data Solutions

Analytic Focus data experts automate and streamline databases, systems, processes, and infrastructure enabling our clients to leverage data for success.  We apply the latest tools, expertise, and customized development so that your data provides insights, not just transactions.  Our experts integrate information that exists in disconnected spreadsheets, databases, and systems to elevate client performance.

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Featured Practice Areas

Our econometrics, financial, and statistical experts have been most regularly sought in the following practice areas:

  1. Antitrust

  2. Securities

  3. Banking and Finance

  4. Class Actions

  5. Complex Litigation Mass Tort

  6. Construction Defects

  1. Corporate and Finance

  2. Data Breach

  3. Fair Lending

  4. False Claims

  5. Finance

  6. Government

  1. Insurance and Reinsurance

  2. Intellectual Property

  3. Pharmaceutical

  4. Product Liability

  5. Regulatory Compliance