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Support for Expert Witnesses

We provide support to experts in other fields. Academics and specialists may not have the depth or breadth you would like for an investigation. We provide the manpower and tools for data collection, directed analyses, and quality control for busy experts.

Practical Consulting

Thinking about filing a complaint, but need clear facts and costs? We help think through what can be proved or disproved, and what the damages calculations are. Responding to a complaint but not sure about how to test the claims? Ask us about alternative ways to examine what has been said - new data or analyses.

Analytical and Programming Skills

We support for expert witnesses in areas where they lack expertise. Working with our team allows experts to focus on what they do best by allocating other tasks to analysts who can efficiently put the expert’s plan into action with strong analytical and programming skills.

Analytical and Research Tools

Analytical and research tools including statistical and programming software packages are key support for our work for you. In the same way access to databases such as Bloomberg, Morningstar, the Bureau of the Census, and the banking regulators help us develop a complete story for you.

Access to IT infrastructure and Support

We offer access and support to computer servers and storage systems capable of handling large datasets and analyses of those securely (SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 certified for systems and process quality).

Insights for Rebuttals, Depositions, and Trial Preparation

Our analysts provide insights to respond to rebuttals, and insights for depositions and trial preparation.

Third-Party Quality Control

Want to know what the opposing expert will say before they say it? We anticipate excellent ideas and fatuous complaints.

Testing Hypotheses

We test alternative hypotheses without contaminating expert opinions.

Assessing Expert Opinions and Methodologies

Our team assess your testifying expert opinions and methodologies to anticipate theoretical and analytical criticisms.


We provide factual responses to rebuttals and questions for depositions and trial preparation.

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Investigation of Claims

We identify data points (public and private databases, and limited discovery) and apply court-accepted methodologies to the analysis of that data to uncover patterns, test the merits of claims, and assess potential damages. Our teams prepare preliminary analyses for decision making, complaint filing, early settlement, and arbitration proceedings.

Developing a Plan

We propose an analytical framework to evaluate claims.

Identifying Data Points For Review

We supplement or complement client’s available data with public and private databases, and data collection methods to assess claims.

Uncovering Patterns Through Accepted Methodologies

We sort through, process, and link structured and unstructured data to uncover patterns.

Analyzing and Reporting

We apply court-accepted methodologies for testing your claims and assess recoveries. We borrow on our 20 years of litigation consulting work to communicate results effectively to you and your audiences.


We have developed procedures to get you to the point of reviewing your data fast and efficiently.

Streamlined eDiscovery Data Processing

We have an effective system to handle documents and files for your eDiscovery.

Analytical Data Review

We have the resources and experience to review data necessary in the eDiscovery process.

Immediate Records Accessibility

We use advanced technology to ensure that your records are stored safely and are immediately accessible.

Continued Support

We aim to be the provider of choice for your eDiscovery needs from electronically stored information (ESI) data acquisitions, reviewing, and analytics through delivery and productions. We also provide document imaging and bibliographic coding services for paper sets.

four laptops and ipads with people around a table

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