Sampling and Surveys

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Sampling and Extrapolation

Extrapolating a sample to a population gives an unbiased and highly reliable measure of what you want to know.

Accumulating Evidence

Well-designed samples are unbiased in the way that information is collected. Random samples also provide measures of the statistical reliability of that information.

Forensic Accounting

We support accounting firms conducting forensic investigations by selecting reliable samples.

Sample Design

A sample design considers many factors. The design is based on the questions to be answered. The design relies on a sampling frames to represent a population. The sample size is based on the desired reliability of the outcomes.


Data from a sample is extrapolated directly to a population to give an estimate of the value being sought in the population. A variety of techniques are available to make the best use of all the data available.


Our expertise runs across multiple practice areas which allows us to conduct surveys to meet your litigation needs.

Survey Design

At times, a mixed mode approach is what is needed to maximize the amount of information collected in a survey. The appropriate mode of data collection depends on the population, lists available of population members, the complexity of the information being requested, and the sensitivity of the items.

Survey Data Collection

We are very cognizant of proper data collection methods, such as assessing proper sample selection or survey development. This enables subsequent data analysis that is scientifically sound to be presented in court, meeting all requirements.

Questionnaire Design

A form for recording information gleaned from a file wouldn't seem like it could introduce bias, but there's still the human element in how a person using the form interprets the items to be completed. When dealing with respondents, interpretation and understanding can impact responses to a survey.

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