Experts in Statistics, Economics, Finance, & Due Diligence

Analytic Focus is a data analytics and consulting firm.

Our experts use financial, economic, demographic, and statistical techniques to solve complex problems in litigation, risk management, and challenges in business. We are passionate for truth, innovative in thought, committed to integrity, and devoted to excellence.


Clients appreciate the continuity, consistency, and efficiency they experience with Analytic Focus.

The Analytic Focus team has the requisite advanced degrees in statistics, economics, and finance; but that is only one of many reasons our clients return to us to tackle their biggest challenges.  Our clients choose us because we are a team of experts, researchers, project managers, analysts, and IT professionals. They know phone calls will be answered and deadlines met.  Clients experience firsthand that we are passionate for the truth, innovative in thought, committed to integrity, and devoted to excellence.

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From initial strategy discussions to presentation of final results, we carefully listen to questions and comments to discover the questions that need answering.

Then we develop a plan to get the right data and information.  Our researchers use combinations of sampling, regression, nonparametrics, and other statistical tools to keep operations efficient and costs low.  We source public data and find innovative ways to obtain our own data.  Our analysts examine the databases we construct and apply innovative methods to cull actionable insights.  Leading the process the whole way, our experts guide our team to uncover facts and trends.  Finally, we craft a narrative around the data-supported conclusions and deliver it in reports, presentations, debate, or discussion.


We have a premier team to serve our premier clients.

The collection of talent at Analytic Focus represents extensive academic, government, and commercial experience.  We bring former regulators, banking and financial services executives, mathematics and statistics experts, and academics together to combine diverse backgrounds and perspectives for the benefit of our clients.