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Analytic Focus, a division of IMS Legal Services, is a quantitative consulting firm based in San Antonio, TX. Our experts use finance, economics, and statistics to solve complex problems in litigation, business, and government with decades of experience serving the banking, education, energy, finance, healthcare, housing, insurance, legal, retail, and transportation industries.

By joining IMS in 2023, Analytic Focus has broadened its impact in major US and UK markets. We are now able to assist throughout every stage of litigation including world-class litigation consulting, presentation technology, and visual advocacy. Learn more at imslegal.com.

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At Analytic Focus, we are guided by five core valuesOwnership Thinking, Humble Confidence, Quality & Excellence, Honor the Relationship, and Operate as One. Our passion lies in delivering efficient, high-quality service and thought leadership with unwavering respect for the relationship. We believe our people are our greatest asset and that diverse points of view lead to a stronger and more creative organization. As a result, we approach our work with humble confidence and operate as one. Our clients benefit from and associate these core values with what they most appreciate about Analytic Focus. 

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Our Team

Charles D. Cowan, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Managing Member

Sean T. Malone, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Analytics

Kan Chen,

Associate Director of Analytics

Gabriela Orsak,

Associate Director of Analytics

John K. Wald, Ph.D.

  Senior Affiliate Consultant

C. Mauricio Vidaurre, M.S.F.

  Vice President of Analytics

Ira H. Holt, Jr., M.P.P.M.

Vice President of Financial Services

Sonali  Saxena, M.S.

         Statistical Research Associate

 Stuart Persyn, M.S.

Statistical Research Associate

Alec John Lyttle

Web Application and SharePoint Developer

Kiana Nardone, M.B.A.

Staff Accountant

Marcellus J. Smith, M.S.

Director of Information Technology

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