Stuart Persyn, M.S.

About Stuart Persyn

Stuart Persyn, MS, is a Statistical Research Associate at Analytic Focus. He has significant experience in Statistical and Mathematical analytics, modeling, and programming. He has extensive expertise in Statistical Model Risk Management as well as Data Management and Analytics. Mr. Persyn’s work with Analytic Focus deals with analytical and statistical applications including extrapolation, risk measurement, audit sampling, population projections. These applications are for use in litigation cases and developing sample strategies for clients. Prior to joining Analytic Focus, Mr. Persyn was a Model Validation Analyst and a Data Analyst with Frost Bank where he conducted Model Validations and was the top performer in discovering high risk model deficiencies. He is a GSTAT accredited member of the ASA, BASE SAS 9 certified and has extensive experience using R, SQL, ESRI ArcGIS, Generalized Linear Models, decision trees, and factor analysis.

Mr. Persyn's Resumé


Model Risk Management

Machine Learning

Financial Modeling

Data Analysis

Database Management

BASE SAS 9 Certified

Predictive Modeling