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Data Solutions

Data Management

We provide hosting, virtualization, and programming services to keep your information accessible and secure.

Data Integration

Our team collects and integrates quality data and uses advanced techniques to ensure relevant data.

Data Sampling, Audits, and Quality Control

We analyze, audit, and apply advanced sampling procedures to assure reliable results.

Expert Witness and Consulting


We have multiple experts who have testified at trials and in depositions, with proficiency in Economics, Finance, Demography, Surveys, and Statistics.

Independent Evaluations

We use testifying expert opinions and test alternative hypotheses for insights into your depositions.

Case Consulting and Independent Rebuttal Reviews

We provide consulting about how claims can be tested and whether they conform to accepted economic or financial theory. Once a case is filed we help with rebuttals and alternative ways to consider the issues under discussion.

Witness Support

As consultants, we support other expert witnesses with data collection and data management, complex statistical analysis, and graphical presentations of data.


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Government and Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

Cost benefit studies and market industry research are key tools used to develop and understand policies proposed by a federal, state or local agency.

Program Evaluation

We use statistical and economic analysis to determine the effectiveness of government programs, the utility of the programs for the target populations, and to make recommendations about how a program may become more effective in ministering to constituents.


Litigation Analytics 

Investigation of Claims

Our team discusses and prepares a preliminary analysis, develops a plan, and discovers patterns through accepted methodologies.

Third-Party Quality Control

We support your on-going litigation through testing hypotheses and offering insights for possible rebuttals or for trial preparation.

Data Collections

We organize, tag, and prepare your data for review.


Our team has the experience to review data and safely handle electronically stored data.

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People Analytics

HR Analytics

We apply multivariate statistical modeling to problems of retention, employee satisfaction, and factors that affect your company's bottom line.

HR Consulting Services

We develop and produce effective plans and evaluations to fit your human resource needs.

Increase Profitability and Effectiveness

Our team consults on best practices to enhance your organization effectiveness and productivity.


Sampling and Surveys

Sampling and Extrapolation

We provide forensic accounting, sample design, extrapolation to accumulate evidence.


Our survey expertise expands through survey development, questionaire design, and proper collection methods, to meet all requirements for court presentation.


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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control shouldn't just answer one question. We design systems to elicit as much information as possible to give a range of information about multiple products or multiple steps in a process that lead to creation of a single product. Quality control can be about the handoff between steps, just as it is about the product at each step.


Compliance measures how well you are doing relative to regulatory standards. We consider when, how often, and where are there deviations from standards that can be fixed before you become out-of-compliance and face regulatory action.


Research Analytics

Trend Analytics

Things change over time. How much do they change, does the change start at a particular time, do multiple trends match in terms of size and direction? All of these questions can be pursued through a proper trend analysis that explains how one or more sequences change over time. We use econometric and time series techniquest to answer questions, conduct tests, and tell stories.

Cross-Sectional Analysis

Things change between groups. How much of a difference is there between two groups of people, two groups of stores, or two geographic locations? These questions address the difference between multiple members in multiple groups, but at a single point in time. The techniques used for these analyses are very different. We use cross-tabulations, log-linear models, biostatistical techniques, and inferences about differences in populations to answer questions and conduct tests.


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