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Our TenB5 tool provides helpful preliminary reports with minimal input. All you need to provide is a stock ticker and a list of potential disclosure dates. TenB5 gives you results in minutes.

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10B5 analyzes the stock price data relative to a market index that you choose. An array of market indices are available for benchmarking the stock in question. Reports test whether a drop in price is significant relative to changes in the index.

10B5 gathers and analyzes the data instantly. An extensive report gives you all the information you need to decide whether to proceed. The analysis takes minutes, not hours or days.

Reports include charts of the stock in question and the index being used for comparison, complex statistical tests, and sensitivity statistics so that you know how strong the results are and where potential pitfalls might be hiding.

Email Search and Alert

Emails can indicate a potential threat to your organization. You can anticipate problems through an automatic search for keywords and phrases in e-mails. Emails that contain such keywords can be flagged for further review. Protect your employees and your company from actions that can be detected and prevented.

Email Threats

Get alerts when an employee-generated email includes keywords that you curate.

Emerging Threats

Our tool gives you another way to protect your company from threats, such as harassment.

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