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 Data Management and Security

Our analysts use advanced virtualization methods to provide on-site security, data management, system-level security, and business intelligence support.

Hosting Services

Our teams use the latest software to keep your information secure and accessible.

Virtualization Services

Our vast platform provides a secure infrastructure that is easy to maintain and back up.

Programming Services

We are SSAE 18 certified and experts in numerous statistical programs and computer programming languages.

Data Collection and Integration

Data availability and the accuracy of that data are essential to effective decision-making. Making the right decision depends on having the right data, collected from multiple sources and integrated into a platform that allows thoughtful review.

Comprehensive Data

Our team designs and implements surveys to collect information that is needed, but not available, for making decisions or supporting your efforts. We employ best principles from statistics, psychometrics, and econometrics to estimate key relationships.

Integrated Information

Our team delivers information from disconnected spreadsheets, databases, and systems. We use our expertise in sampling design and audit design, allowing for tests to be run on samples to generalize outcomes to populations with desired levels of reliability.

Data Accuracy

We ensure our data is tagged and organized for easy review so that you get relevant information in a manner that is clear and useful.

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Data Control and Audits

Our teams offer quality control design, audits, consulting, and sampling procedures to ensure an accurate internal audit.

Data Analytics Services

We apply best practices in sampling and data selection so that audits, quality control samples, and internal investigations are sound and reliable.

Data Sampling Services

Facing a unique problem in testing or decision making usually requires unique sampling methods to get accurate data quickly and efficiently. We also specialize in sample designs that result in the smallest necessary samples.

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