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Analytic Focus has a team of underwriters with expert skills in evaluating the origination quality of residential mortgage loans. We provide quality control plan development services, quality assurance, repurchase management, and statistical sampling expertise to our clients. Our expertise is derived from participation as expert witness and re-underwriter in litigation involving over 120 mortgage-backed securities cases. Our underwriters have decades of experience in the financial industry, having worked for both national and local banks and thrifts.

Since 2010, we have re-underwritten over 250,000 loans. We understand what can go wrong in the origination and underwriting processes. Consequently, we can help you avoid those problems, and also manage the interplay between defects and risk exposure stemming from loan processing and underwriting.

We have a proprietary underwriting system that allows us to emulate the loan program guidelines for almost any type of loan. Our underwriters are well versed in all GSE, FHA and VA guidelines.

With our advanced analytic and modeling capabilities, Analytic Focus is uniquely qualified to go beyond the identification of loan defects and also provide portfolio-level analysis of credit and repurchase risk. Our risk modeling expertise, process, underwriting, and analytic experience allows us to bring solutions, training, and corrective action methodologies that can help dramatically improve risk exposure and increase the return on lending activities.

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