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Within the broad area of risk measurement and management, underwriting and due diligence constitute an important aspect related to knowing how much risk you face in a portfolio or in an ongoing process of underwriting and originating loans.  How do you know what your portfolio is really worth?  If you are an originator, how do you demonstrate that the loans you are originating are relatively risk-less and that your processes will stand up to regulatory or investor scrutiny?


We have the experience to develop a review and extrapolation process that will permit you to know where the problems are or might be in a portfolio or a process.  This includes not only the review of the loans and underwriting process under current conditions, but also under stress.  If the economy takes another sharp downturn, how will a portfolio perform?  If non-payments, late payments, or foreclosures increase, how will the servicing of the portfolio perform and keep up with the additional burden?

Through a solid risk measurement and management plan, an investor or originator can know that the return on a set of loans is secure and will remain positive, even through trying times, with sufficient insight and planning.

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