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Portfolio valuation is a complex mix of tools rarely held by a single company – we have all the skills necessary to understand and value a portfolio.

For commercial or residential loans, we can conduct the due diligence necessary to determine if the loans were underwritten according to the originator guidelines. For residential mortgages, we can also conduct or interpret an AVM to determine what the underlying value of the collateral is. For commercial loans, we can conduct a similar valuation specific to the commercial mortgages or loans that have been made using our own proprietary systems or commercial valuation.

Finally, we understand and can conduct the financial analysis associated with streams of payments, like a waterfall, cash flow model, derivatives, and similar highly technical models. The valuation we perform looks at the long term value of the portfolio to an investor to determine what it’s expected value is, and also stress testing to determine where the value of the portfolio might be lacking if economic conditions change.

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