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Your current provider performs quality control? They do their own quality control – on their own work? They’re telling you their work is perfect – no problems – don’t worry?

Excuse me – isn’t that what the other side said to your client in this lawsuit? And that is why you are litigating?

Hmmm … Have you seen your provider’s quality control protocol?  Does it test for the performance on a batch basis so you can catch problems early?  Is there a requirement to completely redo work (and not at your expense) for batches that fail?  Are there tests to find out the sources of errors?  Maybe people, maybe instructions, maybe training?

How likely is it that a pervasive problem is found?  How about the likelihood that an occasional error is found? Does your provider know how to calculate a likelihood so you can judge for yourself the reliability level?  No? How did they come up with a sample size for your quality control?   How do they track findings to give you a trend in errors?

We don’t just provide litigation support and eDiscovery services.  We’re the experts in quality control and quality assurance methods who can tell you how good your litigation support really is.  We’ve performed quality control on the major contractors providing litigation support and eDiscovery to various Federal government agencies.  Those providers don’t get paid till their work passes an independent review.   How about yours?

Costly?  Time consuming? Unnecessary?  Relative to losing a billion dollar case?  Not really.

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