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We are experts in designing and implementing well developed eDiscovery Project Management methodologies. We know that each project is different and a one size fits all approach is impractical. Therefore, we develop and deploy adaptive processes to allow for adjusting our strategies in consultation with our clients as the project moves forward. We ensure our processes are well documented to ensure a well-coordinated and defensible project throughout the engagement. Our experts are involved and strive to meet and accomplish your goals in an economical way. We are transparent and work with our clients each step of the way to ensure agreement about testing methodology, approach, and implementation prior to testing. Our customized processes meet the requirements and circumstances of each individual case.

We know multiple platforms used in eDiscovery and bring the value of being able to test for common and rare problems that can happen with document production. As a firm, we use Viewpoint by Lateral Data, a Xerox Company, to host our all-in-one eDiscovery platform. We are here to help bring the highest quality possible to your reviews.

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