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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Analytic Focus, LLC, a national consulting firm specializing in Statistics, Risk Measurement, and Optimization, announces growth in its Consulting group. In 2015 Analytic Focus added to their team of established experts a Managing Director for Risk Consulting – Paul Marcolongo; a Senior Consultant in Economics & Finance – Dr. John Wald, Ph.D.; Ms. Amber Jimenez, completing a Ph.D. in Demography, and Mr. Michael Sanchez, completing a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics.

The expansion by Analytic Focus in their consulting group deepens their strategic focus serving several diverse industries: Legal, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy, and Healthcare. These added consultants will provide services in Risk Management. Fraud Prevention, Underwriting and Due Diligence, and Expert Testimony in Litigation.

Dr. Charles D. Cowan, CEO and Managing Member of Analytic Focus commented on the teams’ core competencies, “The broad range of expertise for these consultants spans across the housing, credit and energy markets which have multifaceted business rules. Businesses want to know what risks they face, how to optimize their revenue streams, and how to satisfy the broad range of Federal and state requirements imposed on them. These experts bring outstanding leadership, analytic credentials and insight to design powerful methods to solve our clients’ complex problems.”

About Analytic Focus

Analytic Focus LLC, a trusted quantitative consulting firm, applies expertise in statistics, finance and economics to complex problems providing potent solutions. Their expert data scientists use proprietary algorithms, advanced analytics and deep experience to identify the right problems and arrive at the right solutions. For more information, visit analyticfocus.com, facebook.com/analyticfocus, or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/analyticfocus and LinkedIn at linkedin.com/analytic-focus.


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Mr. Paul Marcolongo

Managing Director for Risk Consulting

Email: p.marcolongo@analyticfocus.com

Phone: 210.641.2817

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Dr. John Wald, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant in Finance & Economics

Email: j.wald@analyticfocus.com

Phone: 210.641.2817

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Mr. Michael Sanchez, M.S.

Consultant in Applied Statistics

Email: m.sanchez@analyticfocus.com

Phone: 210.641.2817