Pablo Camacho, Ph.D.

About Dr. Pablo Camacho

Pablo Camacho, Ph.D. is the Director of Analytics for Analytic Focus, LLC. Dr. Camacho is a research economist experienced in data science, report writing, and public speaking, with over two decades of experience in academia and consulting. He is passionate about extracting information from data to improve decision-making. He has collaborated with colleagues from different disciplines in business, and published academic papers in which he oversaw the econometric and statistical analyses. He has expertise on both panel data and time series analyses.

He is experienced in Eviews, TSP, LIMDEP, R, SQL, Tableau, among others. Dr. Camacho provided consulting services in labor lawsuits. In 2014, Dr. Camacho presented expert testimony before the International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of the Texas House of Representatives. From 2009 to 2013, Dr. Camacho wrote the annual economic Vision report for the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

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