Jullavut (Jay) Kittiakarasakun, Ph.D.

About Dr. Jullavut (Jay) Kittiakarasakun

Dr. Jullavut (Jay) Kittiakarasakun is a Research Associate for Analytic Focus, LLC, a national statistics, finance and economics consulting organization.

Dr. Kittiakarasakun brings over a decade of expertise in managing and analyzing large data, extensive knowledge of statistical and econometric tools and applications and programing skills in coding financial models, complex algorithm and simulations to the firm. Dr. Kittiakarasakun has expertise in Monte Carlo Simulations, Risk Management, Regressions and Time Series Analyses and programming of programs such as SAS, STATA, R, C/C++, SQL, Eviews, Mathematica, Basic, COBOL, Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel VBA.

Dr. Kittiakarasakun has taught at universities in Texas in the areas of corporate finance, business finance, statistics, and investments. Aside from his academic research and teaching, Dr. Kittiakarasakun served as a System Analyst and Programmer in Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam providing computer coding, inventory control systems, and advanced model development.

Dr. Kittiakarasakun has been published in the Review of Applied Economics, Managerial Finance, Journal of Economics and Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance and the Review of Financial Economics journals on topics addressing the impact of exchange recognition and electronic advancements on securities trading, risk management of Asian stock portfolios, and behavior of closed-end mutual fund share prices. Dr. Kittiakarasakun is fluent in Thai and English.

Dr. Kittiakarasakun's Resumé 


Cash Flow Analysis


Data Analysis

Financial Modeling

Database Management

Model Development


Risk Management

Simulation Analysis