John K. Wald, Ph.D.

About Dr. John K. Wald

Dr. John K. Wald is a Senior Consultant in Finance & Economics for Analytic Focus. As a Senior Consultant, Dr. Wald assesses clients’ financial situations and develops actionable plans based on the findings.

Dr. Wald has years of experience in consulting and teaching Corporate Finance. He has taught doctoral, graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Corporate Finance and International Finance.

Dr. Wald’s published papers have won several awards, including the 2008 FMA best paper in international finance, the 2008 Werner Pemmerehne Prize, and the 2009 Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd. Outstanding Paper Award. He also won the 2010 UTSA College of Business tenured faculty research award.

Dr. Wald's Resumé 


Business Valuation


Expert Testimony

Cash Flow

Disparate Impact


Claims and Damages Forecasting

Econometric Analysis

Financial Analysis

Class Action/Class Certification


Intellectual Property