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Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Do you know how to bring lots of unstructured and structured data together efficiently to find relevant information using defensible methodologies?

2. Do you know what approaches should be taken to effectively manage your information?

3. Do you know how to capitalize on the value of your information while reducing risks and costs?

4. Are you interested in finding out how you can create taxonomies to find relevant data that does not involve tagging documents first?

Read On!

We know Big Data. We have worked on cases where we were given data that we had to normalize, organize and match the data based upon certain criteria. Without knowing what you have can be tricky, but our data experts’ methods are proven and reliable. This is what we do – we create order from disorder.

Growth in the volume of enterprise electronically stored information (ESI) can best be described in a single word “Unprecedented”. Big Data, Information Governance, eDiscovery Analysis, Advanced Analytics are front and center in most discussions around the IM and eDiscovery environments. The daunting challenges that face today’s IM professionals responsible for the management of the vast reservoirs of electronic information that are being generated on a daily basis across today’s business landscapes can also be best characterized as “Unprecedented”. IM professionals are in many ways pioneers facing a vast frontier of structured and unstructured information as far as the eye can see.

That being said, Big Data Analysis-Management is a practice which is still relatively young and in its early stages of development. Technologies applicable to IG are still undergoing change, expansion and development to meet the evolving demands of IG.

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