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The decisions made by government and public sector organizations impact existing and emerging economies. Analytic Focus’ Government & Policy Analysis experts design high-impact solutions through a deep understanding of the systemic issues, knowledge of how the public sector works, and insight into the cultural, social, and political environments.

Our Policy Analysis work Includes:

  • Cost-Benefit Studies
  • Problem Definition
  • Problem and Resource Availability Analysis
  • Survey Design, Development and Analysis
  • Market and Industry Research
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Program Evaluation Includes:

  • Impact Measurement
  • Component Testing
  • Participant Follow up
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Varieties of Public Policies include:

  • Legislation
  • Regulations and Policing practices
  • Government Programs and Services
  • Budget Management, Investments, and Subsidies
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Trade
  • Taxes
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