Gabriela Orsak, Ph.D.

About Dr. Gabriela Orsak

Dr. Gabriela Orsak is a Senior Survey Research Analyst at Analytic Focus. Dr. Orsak has 10 years of experience in research methods and design. Dr. Orsak has conducted interdisciplinary research in numerous fields including psychology, healthcare, economics and public health for which she has collaborated with numerous colleagues from a variety of fields. Prior to joining Analytic Focus, Dr. Orsak was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler.

Her research had primarily examined the bio-psycho-social factors that predict physical and psychological health outcomes. She served as a Co-PI on a colorectal cancer grant delivering colonoscopies or fecal immunochemical tests to the un- or under-insured, as well as a Co-PI on a grant examining the social and economic costs of undertreated mental health conditions among underserved individuals living in an underserved and primarily rural region of Texas. She served as a PI on a grant aiming to improve HPV vaccination rates among children in East Texas. Dr. Orsak has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in public health, psychology, and biostatistics.

She has written many publications in the fields on psychology, public health, and healthcare. She has served as a reviewer for many journals and as a member of Institutional Review Board, an ethics review board for human research studies.

Her primary function at Analytic Focus is to offer subject matter expertise in survey research (e.g. survey creation, data analysis, report/rebuttal writing) associated with quantitative and qualitative research and to work in collaboration with colleagues from both statistical and economic backgrounds to provide quantifiable, results-driven material that can be presented to both internal and external (client) audiences on multiple fast-paced projects. Within the context of intellectual property, she has experience with trademarks, false advertising, confusion, and secondary meaning across banking, finance, and e-commerce. Her experience in mass torts includes working with agricultural, pharmaceutical, food, and electronics technology industries.

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