Short Squeeze Trading Damages

Short Squeeze Trading Damages

The stock market suffered more than ordinary tumult on January 28, 2021, due to the endeavors of several entities engaging in trading.  This paper discusses:

  1. what happened leading up to and on January 28,
  2. the process of measuring damages, and
  3. several approaches to damages, providing alternatives to lost trading opportunities.

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Disparate Impact & Open Data

In this whitepaper Sonali Saxena, M.S. defines, identifies examples, and discusses the effects of disparate impact.


“With easy accessibility to all-inclusive “open” data sources, we were able to investigate, preliminarily, if mortgage foreclosures are related to a property owner’s race and ethnicity.”


The Use of Surveys in Trademark & Trade Dress Litigation

To establish confusion has occurred, attorneys now rely on the presentation of survey evidence that reflects the responses of a large number of consumers who have been asked about their reactions to a mark versus the infringing material.


This whitepaper focuses on common concerns surrounding surveys used in trademark and trade dress litigation.


Use of Statistical Analysis to Measure Damages

“Statistical analysis is used frequently to determine both liability and damages for a wide range of types of financial harm. In fact, the only way one can prove that there has been an injury or harm may be through the use of statistical analysis.”


Event Studies in Securities Litigation

“Event studies employ statistical methods to assess the impact of a given event on the price of a firm’s securities and have become increasingly important in securities fraud litigation since the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc.1 (Halliburton II, hereafter).  Event studies can have a substantial impact on matters of reliance, materiality, loss causation, and damages—the fundamental elements of any securities action.”

Qui Custodiat Custodiens Image

Qui Custodiat Custodiens? Who Watches the Watchers?

Almost every business engages in quality control as part of its day-to-day operations. This can be a boon to a business, or it can be a horrible problem when litigation is filed against a company.

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Unprecedented: Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities & Sources of Risk

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS), Asset Backed Securities (ABS), and Commercial Loan Obligations (CLO) can be combined into a single category called a commercial securitization. These portfolios share three sources of risk. In normal times, we might only consider one form of risk, which is the risk of default or loss on a security when the economy is relatively healthy and future prospects look normal.


In short, the good old days.


However, with the pandemic, another form of risk becomes very important: systemic risk.

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HR Analytics Team

HR Analytics Team

HR Analytics is essential for planning in and beyond the COVID-19 crisis – and for good reason.  You’re awash with projections from many sources about what the future holds for the national economy, for employment, and for changes in how people work.

But, what about your business?

A seasoned and aware HR Analytics team can analyze and capitalize on your own business’ existing data to make strategic decisions based on facts and numbers—not assumptions or feelings.

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Construction Defects & External Reviews

This whitepaper describes some basic rules that apply to any investigation that must be followed so that everyone can agree on the scientific validity of the inquiry.  Read this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Standards for conducting a scientifically sound investigation of potential construction defects
  • A model for the extrapolation of multiple costs of repair
  • Document the risks associated with the investigation
  • List required disclosures by the investigator for assuring proper implementation of standards

Insurance Fraud and Bid Collusion

Insurance fraud, systematic store parking lot injuries, collusive bids, and similar repetitive demands for compensation are industries unto themselves.  Many of these problems would never be found without the application of ambitious and discerning analytic techniques.  In our whitepaper, we illustrate how an independent inquiry using artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, statistical tools like discriminant function analysis, and other analytic techniques can find problems that cannot be discovered in any other fashion.


Problems with Small Sample Sizes in Construction Defects

In today’s constantly evolving litigation environment, construction defects are are common, can happen at any time, and impact construction companies of all types and sizes. Not only are these claims expected to grow in frequency, the costs and challenges associated with them continue to rise. This paper describes the process, pitfalls, and solutions associated with a key component of calculating damages: getting the right sample sizes.


Turnover: The Bane of Corporate Tranquility

Personnel turnover is almost always the number one problem that assails HR executives. This white paper looks at turnover from a cost-benefit perspective for an organization. The goal in this paper is to establish some rules for how to study turnover, to determine what activities or interventions are most cost-effective, and to consider some trade-offs where short-term costs lead to long-term gains.



As never before HR professionals face significant challenges associated with employee generated communications, especially email.  The ability to know what is being transmitted is critical for every organization given all the liability, safety, performance, and intellectual property concerns.  Furthermore, when and how the HR professional becomes aware of relevant content has risen in importance.



Financial Economist John Wald, Ph.D. shares his insight into the application of standard regression methods to three different financial market cases. He concludes with a discussion on the implications of price clustering in financial markets. Dr. Wald’s published papers have garnered several awards.


Fair. Part IV of Cascading Impacts from the Opioid Crisis

In the event of a settlement or bankruptcy on the part of the defendants, many questions will need answers. In his latest paper ‘Fair’, Dr. Charles Cowan ponders the moral dilemmas entities face in opioid litigation and addresses many of the most important questions. Cover past costs at the expense of the future? Cover future costs and eat past losses? Are there winners and losers based on this calculus? Of course there are – which is why one needs modeling as described in this paper to make rational decisions that are fair to all. We can help.


Abatement: A Plan to Serve – Part III of Cascading Impacts from the Opioid Crisis

To provide a uniform perspective, the goal is: Deliver the most successful opioid abatement services to the greatest number of patients for the least cost and fixed total budget. A defined goal is actionable; an analytic assessment of the goal can find a best solution.


Allocation: Who and How Much – Part II of Cascading Impacts from the Opioid Crisis

Who gets what?  This is a paper that addresses the problems of allocation in large-scale multi-plaintiff lawsuits. Our focus? Losses due to the opioid crisis.  The conclusion? The ultimate allocation is an analytical problem – it is an optimization of a set of benefits that would accrue to all plaintiffs.

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Impact Measurement: Cascading Impacts from the Opioid Crisis

Calculating losses suffered by cities and counties requires cognizance of their internal data systems, a sense of where and what to count, and how to apply analytic models developed specifically for these types of problems. The key is to use systems that cities or counties already have in play.

Analytic Focus, Underwriting Focus, Q & A


You likely have the same questions about the financial industry and risk. See what you can expect in the future regarding risk avoidance and risk mitigation.

Expert Statistical Sampling


Decipher the Statistical Sampling concepts our experts routinely apply in litigation tactics.

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Big Data, Modest Aspirations

Our healthcare system is increasingly data driven. Learn to bridge the gap in seemingly unrelated industries and how harnessing data will impact the future of your business.

eDiscovery Predictive Analytics Pres - Icon

Knock Down Your Big Data Haystack

Shine a light on the significant benefits and intricacies that are possible when implementing Predictive Analytics into your existing workflows.

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The Power of Numbers: Analysis Necessary Due to Diverse Patient Populations

This presentation explores how the wound care industry could better move forward with the type of risk stratification that will enable more generalizable clinical trials.


Event Studies In Securities Litigation: Strategies & Tactics

Read an excerpt from our internationally recognized economist’s webinar presentation regarding the navigation of challenging economic damages.


Analytic Focus, Audit Standards Statistical Guidelines

FREE White Paper: AUDIT STANDARDS, Statistical Guidelines For Auditors

Everyone makes mistakes – maybe not auditors, but the rest of the world. Download this FREE white paper for more information on the rules to follow and more.

FREE White Paper: Statistical Guidelines For Due Diligence & Loan Review

What Happens when the lender deviates from guidelines? As a lender, you need better information about whether or not you are sticking to your guidelines. Download the FREE white paper to learn more.

FREE White Paper: Why Lender Guidelines Are Important

Do you know the risks ahead on your off-road trek? Do you even have the right information about the origination, the borrower, or the loan?  Without the correct information, you may not recognize deeper root causes of failures that result from increased risk.

FREE eBook: Statistical Sampling.

Statistical Sampling FREE eBook Analytic Focus’ expert Statistical Sampling services will aid in any investigation. Federal Agencies and Fortune 500 and 100 Companies trust our Science of Solutions.

Analytic Focus, Mortgage Re-Underwriting Experts


Analytic Focus understands how important the front-end quality of a loan is to the back-end quality of your investment. Find out why you need re-underwriting and how our experts conduct industry leading mortgage re-underwriting that gives you the assurance you need to know your loans are of high quality.

FREE eBook: Predictive Coding Fosters Assisted Review

How Predictive Coding Fosters Assisted Review:

Data scientists need the right tools to implement data mining techniques. This ebook looks beyond streaming content from the world wide web and provides a review of both structured and unstructured data.

The eBook on “How Predictive Coding Fosters Assisted Review” will provide a deeper look at the methodologies behind a successful ediscovery review.

Our “Science of Solutions” approach helps you discover:

  • Data Mining – New paths being forged in advanced analytics to automate activities across “text mining”.
  • Text Sorting – How to improve your classification methods.
  • Hybrid Approaches – How to combine predictive decisions with classification methods.