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What Happens When The Lender Deviates From Guidelines?

As a lender, you need better information about whether you are sticking to your guidelines. Are you wandering? Sinking in quicksand? Maybe you had guidelines for a reason – your path . . .

Mis-stated information. Deviations from guidelines. Do you have the right information about the borrower to originate the loan? Can you track the results of your processes? Do you even have the right information about the origination, the borrower, or the loan? Without the correct information, you may not recognize deeper root causes of failures that result from increased risk. You left the path – do you know where you are? Do you know the risks ahead on your off-road trek?

 Get the white paper to learn:
  • Are Guidelines Really Important?
  • Deviations From The Guidelines
  • Detection Methodology
  • Cost Versus Benefits
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