Individualized Data

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to data. We know each client has different needs, different objectives, and different targets they are trying to reach with their data.

We have the capacity and understanding to target your specific problems and questions to ensure a more meaningful data collection, analysis and interpretation.

From custom programming within a wide array of statistical platforms to developing unique models for you, we have the ability to customize our approach to meet your needs.

For allegations of diminished property or asset values, large scale models are needed of values based on past sales, incorporating temporal and geographic components. The goal is to establish a formal framework for testing and for estimation.

Are properties near an environmentally damaged site stigmatized, is there a common basis for measurement of loss if such exists, and how extensive is the alleged loss?

For commercial properties, is a concentration of these properties in a bank’s portfolio a problem in increased risk because of the correlation between defaults?

We apply complex financial and statistical analyses to groups of properties or assets to get a realistic and defensible valuation.