Securities are the foundation of our economic system. As a tradable financial asset, securities represent one of the most widely known aspects of the global markets. Our team has built careers around the academic and practical applications of securitizations and can address the most complex issues you may be facing in litigation or daily operations regarding securities.

Our team of experts includes a former Head of Derivatives Research for the United States Treasury, an internationally recognized researcher in financial securities and valuation, and research analysts trained in the complexity of securities.

Within securities, our work has helped clients:

  • Gain insights into auctions, portfolios, and commercial acquisitions with securities
  • Understand the impact of offering credit enhancements on securitizations
  • Show the impact of the quality of due diligence by rating agencies, companies specializing in due diligence, and other types of financial ratings and review on securitization strength
  • Understand the adequacy of financial operations, including mortgage servicing rights and tracking of credit quality on long term securitization performance
  • Calculate damages within securitization due to a number of variables being in play at the same time