Regulatory Compliance

Companies face review from a variety of sources. Some are under review by multiple Federal agencies and State agencies. Insurance companies deal with different regulation in every state. Banks are subject to increasing external review on regulatory issues for safety and soundness and compliance with consumer protection laws. Interest rate risk, credit risk, and operational risk are the three pillars of safety and soundness reviews, and compliance with HMDA, CRA, and various lending regulations are of growing concern.

Outside of the financial arena, there are environmental regulations, safety concerns, the measurement of biometric risk for consumers or home-owners, and a whole host of frequently conflicting requirements that require a broad view of commercial-governmental interactions.

We help with the examination of complex issues and have a clear understanding of how to make the review of regulatory requirements a potential source of revenue for a financial institution.

If we are considering fair housing and fair lending, sales and rentals in the real estate market can also show patterns, especially when viewed in light of other characteristics that an individual has, like credit scores, past history in the housing market, and other quantifiable measures. We help examine whether a pattern exists in an employment situation or in market. External sources of data can include county tax appraisal data and information from the American Community Survey.