Deceptive Sales Practices

The legal issue to be addressed is whether the consumer is deceived during the sales process by practices alleged to be deceptive.

  • Was the alleged practice noticed by or significant to the consumer?
  • Was the consumer misled?
  • Did the consumer misunderstand what he was told?
  • Did he or she have different perceptions of what was being said?

In some instances, these questions are tied to antitrust allegations, as the sales practices of large companies or oligopolies are in question. In other instances, the questions tie directly to the information available to the consumer through a variety of sources. We help by determining the impact on the consumer.

We examine the informational content in a sale, and the economic impact on the consumer as consumers face multiple choices in the purchase process.

  1. What did they know, when did they know it, how did they know it?
  2. Did the consumer make a purchase, did they consider purchasing from competitors,
  3. Did they understand price versus value issues in making the purchase?