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Assess – Prepare – Defend

Assess the potential of their legal strategy, prepare strong cases, and defend the strategy analytically.

Theory + Facts

Combine economic theory and financial facts. Know how a market is operating and if a loss can be measured.

Independent 3rd Party

Get independent review and analysis, consulting, and expert testimony crucial to litigation.

Client Support Centers 

Research and Analytics

We are experts in data collection, modeling, and testing.

Expert Witness and Consulting

We provide independent review and analysis, consulting, and expert testimony

Data Solutions

We automate and streamline databases, systems, processes, and infrastructure enabling our clients to leverage data for success.

Investigation of Claims

We identify data points (public and private databases, and limited discovery) and apply court accepted methodologies to the analysis of that data to uncover patterns, test the merits of claims, and assess potential damages. We prepare preliminary analyses for decision making, complaint filing, early settlement, and arbitration proceedings.

Quality Control

Our third-party analysis strengthens your case and expert opinions by testing alternative hypotheses, assessing your testifying expert opinions and methodologies, providing insights to respond to rebuttals, and insights for depositions and trial preparation.

Expert Witness Support 

We equip testifying experts with analysts, consulting experts, and the necessary infrastructure to meet the requirements of the scope of work during litigation. This ensures efficient, timely, and robust analyses.


Antitrust Lead Expert: Pablo Camacho, Ph.D., Economics
Dr. Camacho specializes in the areas that explain how firms operate under different market structures—e.g., the opportunities and incentives that induce firms to engage in business practices that lessen competition and increase profits—and the optimal regulations to prevent or remedy anticompetitive practices. In addition, He also specializes in quantitative and qualitative methods, which are useful in determining liability and calculating damages.

Charles D. Cowan, Ph.D., Mathematical Statistics
Adrian M. Cowan, Ph.D., Finance, Econometrics
Sean Malone, Ph.D., Finance
Jay Kittiakarasakun, Ph.D., Finance
Marcellus Smith, M.S., Data Analytics
Mauricio Vidaurre, M.S., Finance
John Wald, Ph.D., Economics

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Analytic Focus is a quantitative consulting firm headquartered in San Antonio, TX with offices in Washington D.C. and Birmingham, AL. Our industry experts have decades of experience, serving the banking, education, energy, finance, government, healthcare, housing, insurance, legal, retail, and transportation industries. In the past decade, we have testified at trial, in hearings, and in depositions nearly 150 times.