Antitrust Experts

We combine economic theory with financial facts to show how a market is operating and whether a loss can be measured. If there is a discoverable change, we examine if it is attributable to the activities of another economic factor.  We examine the variability of pricing in markets, the impact of economic factors and events on pricing, and evaluate “but for” changes in prices, sales, customer flow and other indicators.  Our antitrust experts establish statistical proof of antitrust activity, associated liability, and damages.

Research and Analytics

We are experts in data collection, data modeling, and testing.  Our team employs advanced econometrics, demography, biostatistics, psychometric techniques, and complex sampling methods, choosing the set of tools appropriate to the problem at hand.

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Expert Witness and Consulting

Our clients rely on our independent review and analysis.  They turn to us for consulting and expert testimony crucial in litigation.  We measure liability, calculate damages, generate reliable and supportable rebuttals to analyses that are technically flawed or based on faulty assumptions.

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Data Solutions

Analytic Focus data experts automate and streamline databases, systems, processes, and infrastructure with customized development that enable our experts to cull insights.  Our experts integrate information that exists in disconnected spreadsheets, databases, and systems that elevate client performance.