Scott Phillips

About Scott Phillips

Mr. Scott Phillips is the Director of Financial Services for Analytic Focus, LLC, a national statistics, finance and economics consulting organization. Mr. Phillips has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry focused in mortgage underwriting and quality assurance. Prior to joining Analytic Focus Mr. Phillips worked with companies such as Acopia Capital Group, First Choice Funding, Inc. and EquiCredit Corporation.

Mr. Phillips has overseen the compliance and audit requirements for mortgage portfolios in excess of $600 Million in annual loan volume, including all reporting requirements for quarterly and annual reporting to Government Sponsored Enterprises and other regulatory bodies. Mr. Phillips has experience in mortgage security placement with over $200 Million of loans sold to investors. For Analytic Focus, Mr. Phillips provides quality control and assurance for all underwriting processes undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Mr. Phillips' Resumé 


Expert Testimony Support

Portfolio Valuation

Forensics Loan Re-Underwriting

Project Management

Mortgage Fraud

Quality Assurance

Mortgage Practices

Quality Control

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