Research and Analytics

Advanced statistical analysis, experimental design, and research development to solve complex problems.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, discriminant functions, and related analytics to find problems. We conduct independent analysis to discover where transgressions exist, what they cost, and how they may be remedied.

Finance & Economics

We perform model validations, valuation analysis, damages calculations in litigation, portfolio optimization, and economic impact studies.

Portfolio Valuation 

Portfolio valuation is a complex mix of tools rarely held by a single company – we have all the skills necessary to understand and value a portfolio.

Demographic Analysis 

Our team has extensive experience analyzing and interpreting demographic data

Government & Policy Analysis 

We take a systemic view to evaluate the dynamic causes of existing policies and design targeted interventions that align with new policies for sustainable impact.

Quality Control

Quality Control is integrated into everything we do at Analytic Focus. We can design a plan or perform an audit of your existing plan to help identify ways to improve your operations.


We take an analytical approach to everything. We have developed procedures to streamline data processing and get you to the point of reviewing your data fast and efficiently.

Individualized Data 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to data. We know each client has different needs, different objectives, and different targets they are trying to reach with their data.

Statistical Sampling 

We provide sample design, selection, and extrapolation services that can aid any investigation.

Experimental Design 

With our customized programming ability and our understanding of advanced analytic approaches, we can build simulated scenarios to serve as sensitivity testing for your operations.

Modeling Data

Our team of data scientists is versed in the most used and relevant software platforms for model development.


We provide a solution when tight and supportable data collection and analysis are needed for litigation and business.