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Quality Control & Compliance

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Quality Control is integrated into everything we do at Analytic Focus. Whether we are doing random sampling and re-underwriting loan files, or conducting secondary reviews of calculations, we know the importance a strong quality control and quality assurance program plays in business success. That second set of analytic eyes on an issue can save millions in potential risk exposure for many institutions.

Our team has extensive experience in developing and executing statistically sound quality control and compliance programs for our clients. We also provide evaluation services for other firms and agencies seeking to audit and improve their own processes.

Our team of experts include nationally recognized Ph.D.’s in the field of statistical sampling design and methodology. We have industry experts with deep experience in building and managing quality control and compliance functions for large corporations. Our work in this area has led to increased efficiency within governmental agencies and private institutions, helped to overhaul previously adopted quality control programs, and provided refinements to ensure that sound statistical techniques are used to help control costs for clients.

Whether your need is quality control for credit and compliance monitoring or within your daily operations to help address technology or program risk issues, we can design and execute a quality control plan or perform an audit of your existing plan and performance to identify ways to improve your daily operations.

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