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We provide guidance and solutions across the eDiscovery landscape with a blend of technology and expertise. Our methodologies are designed to be repeatable, defensible and tailored to meet client specific needs while fostering the mitigation of risk throughout the eDiscovery process.

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[featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Office Address” dp_animation=”flipInX” icon=”icon-location-7″]Washington, D.C.
729 15th Street NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005
P: 703.549.2682[/featuredbox][space size=”20″]
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Services Provided at this Office

  • eDiscovery
  • Litigation Support
  • Database Management
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Repository Management
  • Analysis of Large, Multiple Databases
[space size=”20″][testimonial2 name=”Ms. Donna Kenney” position=”Director of e-Discovery” img=”11183″ dp_animation=””]Experience. Expertise. Understanding.  These are the hallmarks that we base our work on for all our clients. Whether it is working with AM Top 100 Law Firms, government or private sector clients, our team understands the challenges unique to each industry. We know how to respond. We know how to tailor processes and projects to meet your needs as quickly as possible, while being mindful of your budget. 


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