Ratio vs. Regression Estimators

in a Large Scale Survey of S&L's, Proceedings of the Section on Survey Research Methods, American Statistical Association, 1992.

Project details

In June of 1991, the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) initiated a survey of the institutions it has taken into receivership since the RTC was founded in 1989.  The purpose of the survey, called the Estimated Cash Recovery (ECR) Survey, was to provide quarterly estimates to Congress, the Administration, and the public in general of the amount of recovery expected from the sale of assets from failed Savings and Loan Institutions (S&L’s).  An asset for an S&L is a loan made by the S&L for one of a variety of purposes (like commercial loan or a construction loan), or a type of property that the S&L held or had received as collateral for a loan.  There were 19 types of assets covered by the survey; the list of assets covered is found in Table 1.

-Cowan, Charles D.

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