A Longitudinal Survey and Reality Check

for the Value of Financial Assets, Proceedings of Statistics Canada Symposium 92: Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Surveys, November 1992.

Project details

The Estimated Cash Recovery (ECR) Survey has all the ingredients of a classic longitudinal multipurpose survey.  It measures the expected return from the sale of the failed financial institutions that have been placed into receivership by the U.S. government. The survey measures recovery values for 17 types of assets, with strata defined by region and the size of institution.  The population of assets under study changes rapidly in successive quarters, with new institutions being placed into receivership over time, and financial assets being sold and removed from the population.  The value of the assets in sample change over time also, as economic conditions vary.  All of these factors: the multiple uses of the survey, changing economic conditions, and changes in the structure of the population being studied lead to a complicated and interesting sample design and analysis.

-Cowan, Charles D.

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