How to use voice mining

to tune in to the voice of the customer, E~Week May 18, 2009

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For businesses with call centers to thrive in today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to tune in to the voice of the customer. The amount of conversational data being collected digitally in call centers is growing faster than our ability to deal with it, so customer insights buried in this data are missed. Voice mining technology can now pull all of this audio data together, analyze it and report on it. Using voice mining technology, Knowledge Center contributor Mary Grace Crissey explains how you can analyze audio data to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Voice mining technology digs into mounds of stored but often unused data, giving you ears to hear your customers. Your customers are telling you and your competitors what they want to buy and what prompted them to choose you. But manually rereading call center notes or replaying phone conversations can’t possibly deliver customer intelligence in a timely fashion, so valuable information remains stuck and inaccessible. Empowered with analytics, though, you can gain the advantage of being able to spot trends in everyday conversation threads to predict and respond to market opportunities and pitfalls. Four components are required for organizations that wish to take full advantage of voice mining technology. – See more at: eweek.com

-Crissey, M.

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