Analytic Focus HR Analytics Seminar
HR Certification Institution 2017 Provider

People Analytics: From Data To Insight


June 21, 2017 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
Norris Conference Center – San Antonio
Credits: 4.75 HRCI credits / 6.5 SHRM credits

Cost: $279


The reality of today’s ever-changing and expanding world of business is that companies compete on insight. Their success (or failure) is measured by their ability (or inability) to gain insight based on data. This insight is gained through the use of Data Analytics. While Data Analytics is not new, CEOs, CFOs, and senior corporate leadership are looking to incorporate Analytics into actionable insight regarding their most valuable asset – People! This trend has given rise to what is popularly known in today’s world of business as People Analytics.

People Analytics requires a new profile for the HR professional – one who is analytically minded, but also a storyteller. Having statistical and analytical capabilities has become a rising skill set among HR professionals; however, many lack analytical understanding. Further, many organizations lack budgets to hire an analytical team of scientists.  Organizations who do have the budget to hire analysts often face challenges with communication due to a lack of statistical understanding amongst many HR professionals.


This seminar is designed to provide business leaders with an improved knowledge of analytics related to HR and the skills necessary to:

  • Explain why the interpretation of data in HR is important for driving organizational decisions. 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of statistical concepts and methods for evaluating and presenting data. 
  • Identify tools used to interpret data to support HR decisions. 
  • Prepare results to effectively communicate information to organizational management across departments. 
  • Coach other professionals in your organization in the use of analytics for business decisions.


CHROs, Company Executives, VPs of HR, HR Directors, Directors of Talent Acquisition, HR Managers or any other Professional working with or wishing to work with human resource data to make insightful decisions within their organization and with regard to their employees.

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